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Brand: FarmStay
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55 000 сум

FarmStay Green Tea Seed Pure Cleansing Foam is a cleansing foam with green tea leaf extract. It gently cleanses the skin, closes pores, removes excess oil and leaves the face matte and well-groomed.

Product composition

  • Green tea seed extract. This component stimulates metabolic processes, neutralizes the pressure of free oxygen radicals, prevents cell oxidation and slows down the manifestation of age-related changes.
  • Complex of fatty acids. The foam contains stearic, lauric and myristic acids, which cleanse and soften the skin, and also enrich it with useful substances.
  • Purslane extract. Purslane helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, destroy pathogenic bacteria, prevent the appearance of infections, rosacea and other pathogenic manifestations.
  • Phellinus mushroom (sanghwan) extract. This component fights wrinkles, removes dead tissue, renews the surface of the skin and gives the face a fresh, rested and well-groomed appearance.
  • Licorice root extract. Licorice root has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It actively fights with painful manifestations, eliminates acne symptoms and helps to solve other dermatological problems.

Advantages of use

  • Effective cleaning. The foam effectively cleanses the skin, removing even the most stubborn make-up, including foundation, mascara and other make-up products.
  • Caring. Foam not only cleans the skin, but also improves its health. It optimizes the level of moisture, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, normalizes microflora, improves metabolism and makes the face brighter and more saturated.
  • Aesthetics. The foam is packaged in a bright green tube that pleases the eyes and improves your mood. This product will decorate your bathroom and make a great gift option.

Release form

The product comes in a clear plastic tube with green tea leaves on it. The tube is equipped with a narrow dispenser tube and is additionally packed in a thick cardboard box.

Product volume - 180 ml.

Method of application

Squeeze some gel and beat it with your hands until foam appears. Spread the resulting substance on your face and wash off the dirt thoroughly. Remove the remaining product with warm water and apply an emollient or moisturizer to the skin. Use the foam twice a day or with each wash.

Tags: YUVISH, fermada qolish, KO'K CHAY Urug'i, SOF, TOZALASH KO'PIK, 180 ml

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