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Brand: o-hui
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336 000 сум

O HUI Prime Advancer Phito Vital ampoule layering core enhancing kit

have a lifting effect , strengthens the turgor of the epidermis, strengthens the oval of the face, helps in the fight against wrinkles. Maintains the balance of moisture and elasticity of the skin, as well as improves the tone of the face.

Each product of the line uses capsules of different sizes to improve lifting and strengthen the structure of the skin. Thanks to the patented formula O HUI Ampoule Capture Ring System TM, the main signs of aging are reduced, skin texture is improved. the series has a lifting effect, strengthens the epidermis, prevents anti-aging effects, strengthens the oval of the face.

Maintains the internal barrier of skin hydration, stimulates the renewal of skin cells, and prevents the effects of an aggressive external environment.

Gently exfoliate dead skin cells, giving the skin a bright, clear tone.

Main components: wild rose extract, hyaluronic acid, mistletoe extract, geranium extract.

The set includes:

1. O HUI Prime Advancer Phito Vital Softener (20ml)

Moisturizing anti-aging toner perfectly moisturizes, softens and improves skin structure. Toner eliminates the dull color of the skin, gives it a radiance, inner glow. Prevents the appearance of age-related pigmentation. Toner protects the skin from dehydration, withering of the dermis. Tones and prepares the skin for further care.

2. O HUI Prime Advancer Phito Vital Emulsion (20ml)

moisturizing anti-aging emulsion with a soft texture restores skin elasticity, also moisturizes it and maintains the necessary moisture balance for a long time.

3. O HUI Prime Advancer Phito Vital Ampoule Serum (4 ml)

concentrated anti-aging face serum with a non-sticky texture has a lifting effect, improves turgor, gives a fresh look. It is well absorbed, does not leave stickiness. Reduces the depth of wrinkles and helps to get rid of fine lines. In general, the skin becomes firmer, smoother, hydrated and radiant.

4. O HUI Prime Advancer Phito Vital Ampoule Capture Cream (7 ml)

concentrated anti-aging face cream - has a lifting effect, strengthens the turgor and oval of the face. Nourishes and moisturizes well, gives the skin a healthy look. Reduces wrinkles. The cream helps to improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and nourish the skin from the inside through cold fermentation.

5. O HUI Prime Advancer Phito Vital Eye Cream (5 ml)

anti-aging eye cream. Well moisturizes the skin around the eyes, improves firmness and elasticity and increases blood flow.

Method of application : Recommended means of the line in the sequence: 1. Toner - 2. Essence - 3. Emulsion 4. - Serum - 5. Face cream - 6. Eye cream.


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