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Toothpaste Dental Clinic 2080 Pro Clinic 125 gr (For normal teeth and gums)

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Brand: pro-clinic
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20 000 сум

Product description

Dental Clinic 2080 Pro Clinic Toothpaste professional protection toothpaste is recommended for professional oral care.

Provides comprehensive oral care and is made on the basis of modern high-quality silicon dioxide (silica) abrasive RDA-90. The paste delicately cleans without erasing tooth enamel, safe for daily use.

The complex of amino acids, vitamins and fluorine has a caring effect on the gums, protects the enamel, and also helps to keep the teeth healthy and strong.

Has a minty taste.

How to use: Squeeze the required amount of toothpaste onto the toothbrush. Thoroughly brush your teeth for 2 minutes. Rinse your mouth with water.

Tags: Toothpaste, Dental Clinic 2080, Pro Clinic, 125 gr, For normal teeth and gums

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