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21 000 сум

Instant noodles SAMYANG RAMEN BIG CUP-115 gr

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Brand: samyang
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21 000 сум

In Asian countries, the "fifth taste" of umami is highly valued - a rich protein shade of dishes. Soups on such a broth are considered healing and rejuvenating. Try Samyang's hit ham and beef ramen:

The right "double" taste, enhanced by soy sauce and oyster extract;
rich and thick aroma;
thin and elastic noodles that retain their shape for a long time;
spicy sourness of pickled kimchi vegetables;
A bouquet of bright and sharp spices.
This traditional Korean-style dish will quickly satisfy your hunger and warm you up in bad weather. It can be used as a soup, or drained and served as a side dish with meat. The perfect ramen companions are boiled egg, tofu cheese and fresh herb topping.

Tags: Noodles, instant, SAMYANG RAMEN, BIG CUP, 115 gr

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