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The First Geniture Special Gift Set Kit O HUI 5 products

Brand: o-hui
Product Code: 13933-27
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320 000 сум

O Hui The First Geniture 5pcs Special Gift Set provides comprehensive care for mature skin. The products are aimed at deep hydration and nutrition, make the skin more elastic and elastic, reduce the visibility of wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones.

The set effectively restores aging skin, activates the processes of renewal and regeneration, slowing down age-related processes. Increases the level of skin hydration, promotes long-term retention of moisture, prevents the appearance of dryness and dehydration.

The set includes 5 tools:

Toner 20ml - compensates for the lack of moisture and restores the water-lipid balance of the skin after washing with hard water. Improves the ability of cells to retain moisture, supports microcirculation and metabolism, evens out tone.

Emulsion 20ml - saturates the cells with moisture and nutrients, increases skin elasticity, smoothing the relief. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, heals damaged epidermal fibers.

Essence 5ml — eliminates dullness, makes the skin tone more even, restores an even healthy glow to the skin and improves complexion. Increases skin tone, prevents the appearance of sagging and puffiness.

Face cream 7ml - effectively fights the signs of aging, makes the skin more dense, reduces the depth of wrinkles and skin creases, has a lifting effect. Slows down destructive oxidative processes, maintains the integrity of the skin.

Eye cream 5ml — smoothes mimic wrinkles and crow's feet, prevents sagging of the upper eyelid, strengthens the thin skin around the eyes.

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