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4 700 000 сум

Dietary supplement CHEMOHIM Hemohim Atomy 4 UE. X 60 BAGS

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4 700 000 сум

HemoHim is an immune booster

The drug was created on the basis of the latest biotechnological developments and traditional medicine. Many scientists worked on the creation of the drug, its development lasted 8 years.


To create the drug, natural elements were used, such as the roots of peony, furrow and angelica, honey, citric acid, vitamins of the main groups: B, C, E, A.

All herbal ingredients used are grown in Korea.


The main purpose of the drug is to activate weakened immune cells.

It is also recommended to be used for the prevention and treatment of the negative effects of radiation.

ChemoChem is right for you if you want:

✅ purify the blood;

✅ strengthen immune functions;

✅Increase stamina and easily endure stress.

Its effect, as shown by numerous studies, is several times greater than the therapeutic effect of ginseng root and medicinal mushrooms, which are also used in Korean medicine.


Without the presence of serious diseases, the drug can be drunk during meals 2 times a day, 1 sachet 4 hours before bedtime.

Preparing a medicinal drink is very simple, just dissolve the contents of the sachet in lukewarm water.

During the period of use, it is desirable to combine the drug with plenty of fluids.

Or you can dissolve 1 sachet in a liter of pure water and take it during the day at any time, but 4 hours before bedtime.

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