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22 000 сум
Care type: dry and brittle
Hair type: normal, damaged, weakened, dyed, dry and brittle.
Purpose: hair care
Ingredients: Collagen, Silk Protein.
Effects: Volumizing, firming, regenerating, glowing, detangling, nourishing, moisturizing.
Brand: Rador
Anyone who is familiar with the problem of split ends and thinning hair filaments will use Lador Korea's perfect hair fill-up hair restoration filler, which has been proven in beauty salons. market. This tool quickly and effectively restores the structure of the hair, restores elasticity, strength and healthy shine.

Due to its healing properties, the filler effectively copes with the daily protection of hair from the harmful effects of external factors and permanent damage. For porous hair, this is a real salvation, as the tool makes it whole, smoothes and strengthens it.

active ingredient

Most people who like natural ingredients in care products prefer Korean hair cosmetics because they contain only natural ingredients that are beneficial to the hair roots and scalp. Restorative fillers contain many useful components:

  • Collagen acts as a hair moisturizer, forming a thin film on the surface that is responsible for leveling and smoothing. Thanks to this action, the hair does not fall out and does not split.

  • Keratin LPP makes the hair stronger, since keratin itself is the main building material, so the content of the filler compensates for the lack of essential components. Damaged hair is revived and transformed into attractive hair.

  • Ceramides are useful ingredients that restore hair at the cellular level. Thanks to this action, hair is healed from root to tip.

  • Silk Amino Acids - Provides soft texture, brittleness and natural shine to hair.

Thanks to this composition, Korean professional hair cosmetics have gained great popularity among the fair sex who care about their hair.

Amazing effects of Lador filler

With fillers, even the weakest and thinnest hair:

  • hard and healthy

  • silky and shiny

  • Resilient and obedient.

These complex actions have been the cause of steady demand for this product.

Pack of 20.

Tags: hair care, hair treatment, hair ampoule, perfect hair fill-up, 13ml, 20EA

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