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Latex-free make-up sponge Michelle Water Latex Free Sponge, 1 pc

Brand: michelle
Product Code: 12716-25
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30 000 сум
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The Michelle Water Latex Free Sponge spreads creamy foundation evenly and absorbs excess for a thin layer of makeup for a flawless look.

The teardrop shape of the sponge allows you to apply cosmetics to difficult areas in the area of the eyes and wings of the nose, to mask local imperfections.

The sponge is made of eco-friendly material, which minimizes the risk of allergic reactions even on the most sensitive skin.

Mode of application
Sponge should be lightly moistened with water before use. After the foundation is applied to the instrument, you can begin to create a unique image. Apply the foundation with soft smooth movements from the chin, gradually moving towards the upper part of the face. In the mouth area, you should use a sharp tip, it will not allow the foundation to gather in the folds of the skin. The same should be done when treating the area of \u200b\u200bthe eyes and nose.
After application, the sponge must be washed under running warm water, for better cleaning, you can take soap, then dry thoroughly. The tool is designed for use within 1 month, then you should replace the sponge with a new one.

Quantity - 1 pc.

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