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Hair restoration kit with keratin and collagen Masil Salon Hair Set

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Brand: masil
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235 000 сум
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The Masil Salon Hair Set for hair restoration with keratin and collagen helps to eliminate dryness, brittleness and prevent split strands in the shortest possible time. Seals, softens, fills the hair with moisture, making them soft and silky. The set includes a deep cleansing shampoo and an instant hair repair mask.

Set composition:
Shampoo - 300 ml.
Shampoo in a sachet — 2*8ml.
Mask - 200 ml.
Mask in a sachet — 2*8ml.

Shampoo Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo exfoliates the stratum corneum and contains components that care for the scalp: stimulate cell regeneration, strengthen hair roots, protect against premature hair loss and dandruff.

After applying the shampoo, the hair becomes strong, silky and acquires a healthy shine. The product gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness and returns the hair softness, smoothness and gives them a well-groomed appearance, refreshes and pleasantly cools the scalp.

Masil 8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask contains 16 herbal ingredients such as licorice, green tea, lavender, lemon, centella, orange, ginkgo and other extracts that repair damaged hair, making it silky and flowing forever.

The product in just 8 seconds is able to restore and significantly improve the condition of the strands, restore strength and shine to the hair, strengthen them and eliminate brittleness. The tool is a transparent essence that directly affects the scalp and hair cuticle.

The highly concentrated formula of the product penetrates deep into the hair cuticle and has a positive effect on the restoration of the structure of the strands, restores elasticity and elasticity to the hair. Aimed at deep restoration of even the most damaged hair.

How to use the shampoo: Apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair and scalp, massage and rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary.

How to use the mask: Apply the mask to damp, clean hair and spread evenly over the entire length of the hair, leave the product for 8 seconds (for severely damaged hair, it is recommended to keep the mask for 3-5 minutes). Wash off the product with warm water.

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