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The Saem Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Foam With white tea extract - 150ml

Brand: the-saem
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White tea extract (as opposed to green tea, which is obtained after steaming and drying the leaves) is made from young tea leaves and buds, which are only slightly steamed after picking and then dried in the sun. Minimal processing of tea leaves allows you to save the maximum content of catechins (antioxidants). Thanks to these properties, white tea is effective in combating premature skin aging.

White tea also protects the skin from UV radiation and prevents photoaging.

White tea has another valuable property for the skin - it has an antibacterial effect, slows down the growth of bacteria and microorganisms that provoke skin inflammation.

White tea prevents the development of inflammation, promotes the rapid healing of existing ones.

Regular cleansing of the skin with foam with white tea extract will give you reliable protection against the negative effects of external factors, intense hydration and saturation with nutrients.

Foam with white tea accelerates cell regeneration, slowing down the processes of premature aging.

The foam is also recommended for people who have returned from hot countries and have received excessive UV radiation. Foam with white tea extract will give your skin purity, freshness and pure radiance.

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