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Anti-aging face cream with collagen HERA Age Away Collagenic Cream 50 ml.

Brand: hera
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1 376 000 сум

Like silk, it covers the surface of the skin, forming a moisturizing protective soft film, smoothing the surface of the skin, restoring firmness and elasticity of the skin. The formula fills the skin with elasticity and firmness, instantly spreading over the surface of the skin, and forming a moisturizing film. The soft surface of the skin creates a smooth and even coverage.


Renewed collagen texture fills the skin with firmness and elasticity. The composition, which was discovered through the study of cells, is an active ingredient - ERP (Essential Returning Pool), which returns skin firmness, elasticity and shine. Due to the capsule technology, it was possible to ensure the penetration of the composition into the skin.


Double HYALURONE Acid is a dense texture with good viscosity. And also, truffle extract, which provides abundant nourishment to the skin. Large molecule hyaluronic acid provides moisture coverage, micromolecule hyaluronic acid provides prolonged moisture supply. The maximum effect of skin protection is ensured due to the coating with a protective moisturizing film. Deep in the ground, nutrient-rich truffle mushroom extracts all of the beneficial properties found in Age Away Collagen Water extract through fermentation technology.

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