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Smart watches: trend or necessity?

The demand for wearable electronics is growing every day, so today smart watches that display notifications count calories and the steps taken will not surprise anyone. Those who still wear traditional watches are already thinking about whether to change their favorite accessory for a modern functional gadget. We believe that smart gadgets are the future, and smartwatches are no exception. In this article, we will explain why smart watches are more of a necessity than a trend in the modern world.

Some statistics

The advent of smartwatches with their wide range of features and functionality has affected the decline in demand for traditional watches. This is confirmed by a sharp decline in sales of wristwatches in most countries.

In terms of product trends, smart watches (37%) are considered the most popular watches in 2019 with the biggest growth potential (41%), followed by quartz analog watches (25%), automatic watches (15%) and electronic watches ( eleven%).

Here are 5 proofs that smartwatches are a necessity, not just a trend

Instant access to information

Getting information from a smartphone requires some effort: taking the phone out of the bag, unlocking it, entering the application, etc. In this regard, smart watches are more practical and convenient, because they are always at hand, or rather on it. Just look at your wrist, click on the program, and you're in business. Better yet, use the voice assistant Siri or Google Assistant.

Smart alarm clock

The term "alarm clock" is well known to each of us, because in order to wake up, we need to be awakened. To do this, there is a special program in the phone or you can use a standard alarm clock. But conventional alarm clocks literally "pull" you out of sleep, no matter what phase of the cycle you were in. When a person wakes up in the “wrong” phase of sleep, such as during deep sleep, the natural rhythm is disrupted and we feel tired throughout the day. The smart watch with sleep quality tracking and smart alarm makes waking up easy as it knows when to wake you up so you don't feel tired or sleepy.

Awakening occurs in REM sleep, when you can really wake up refreshed. To do this, modern gadgets are equipped with a built-in heart rate monitor or heart monitor, which allows wearable technology to track the heart rate, respectively, the technique understands what phase of sleep a person is in and knows when it is better to wake up. For example, you have an alarm set for 8 am, and the watch woke up at 7.30, because it was at that moment that it recorded that you were in REM sleep. As a result, you may not sleep for 30 minutes, but wake up more vigorous than at 8 o'clock.

Fitness features

Running, cycling, yoga, swimming, boxing - these are not all sports where a smart watch can track your activity. Apple Watch, for example, constantly reminds you to get up, move around, stretch, and not sit still. The Activity app shows you how many times a day you warmed up, how many calories you burned, how much time you spent exercising.

The Android Wear hardware platform is also not inferior in terms of fitness functionality to watchOS, and even wins in the range of smart watches. By the way, joggers will be able to leave their smartphone at home and go for a run accompanied by their favorite music, because there are many models of watches that can work autonomously. An analogue of the Activity program is Google Fit, here you can track various types of activity, including walking, running, cycling and other sports.

Remote control on the wrist

Smart watches are able to control any equipment, like a smartphone, but unlike a smartphone, a smart watch is always on hand, and not somewhere in a jacket pocket or bag. Smart watches can easily become part of a smart home, you just need to install the required application. And, well, the presence of smart technology is also necessary - a TV, a refrigerator, a robot vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, etc.

hands free

In crowded places, driving a car, cycling and in other situations where it is difficult to use the phone, a smart watch will become a real lifesaver. Having such a watch on your wrist, you can always answer a call or reject it if you are busy without taking out your smartphone. Need to send a message? Use the proverbial phrase "Ok Google" and give instructions, for example: "Send a message to mom: I'll be there in 10 minutes", the smart watch will understand and perform the specified action.

A smart watch is not just a newfangled gadget or an electronic toy, but a really useful device. The wide functionality offers different scenarios for using the device: for some, a smart watch is a simple “notifier”, and someone squeezes the maximum out of the offered opportunities.

Which choice will you make - a traditional watch or a smart gadget? On our website you can buy a stylish functional novelty today, do not miss the moment.

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