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Type: black rice
Taste: boiled rice
Purpose: a great combination with any food: vegetable salad, fried meat, mushrooms or shrimp
Type of packaging: plastic cup
Volume: 210 gr
Brand : CJ Cheiljedang
Producer: South Korea
Certified product Used in Asian cuisine to enrich dishes with useful substances and give them a pleasant taste with a nutty tinge. Contains a large amount of nutrients. Korean Boiled Black Rice is a quality dietary product that will bring exceptional health benefits.

Black rice is a rare cereal crop grown in Asian countries. In ancient China, it was considered the food of the Emperor, and ordinary people were forbidden to use it under the death penalty. Over time, this wonderful product has become an integral part of Asian cuisine.

Black rice is collected and processed using manual labor, so its cost is quite high. When cooking, it is usually mixed with white rice, which makes the dish more nutritious and tasty.

Black rice is not just an exotic ingredient in Asian dishes, but a real storehouse of useful substances. It contains almost twice as much protein as white, as well as antioxidants, plant fiber and a host of minerals: manganese. Iron, potassium, zinc and others.

The taste of black rice is very delicate, with light nutty notes, and the aroma is associated with popcorn. In the online store you can buy steamed black rice and see for yourself how good it is!

A mixture of steamed black and white rice can be used to make sushi, Korean kimbap rolls, traditional bibimbap and other mouth-watering Asian foods that are especially delicious when made with love by your own hands!

Cooking method:
1) Cook in a microwave at 700W for two minutes;
2) Boil water on the stove and put rice in it for 10 minutes (without opening the package).

Ingredients: black rice, white rice, water, glutinous rice.
Shelf life: 9 months.

Nutritional and energy value per 100 g: carbohydrates - 31.3 g, fats - 0.5 g, proteins - 2.5 g, 139.7 kcal.
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