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Brand: petitfee
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110 000 сум
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Type: ageing/dlya vsex tipov/chuvstvitelnaya
Effect: lifting / uvlajnenie / soothing effect
Nesovershenstva: murshchiny / otyok / dark circles
Volume: 80 ml
Country of production: South Korea
Brand: Petitfee A cup of warm cocoa with marshmallows makes a cozy evening. Petitfee Cacao Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patch, which not only helps to stimulate the eye, but also brings the eyes back to order, eliminates traces of dryness and stiffness, and with regular use, the appearance of eye drops is noticeable. vozrastnykh izmeneniy i pomogut ukrepit tonkuyu koju.

Synergy extract i masla cacao bean daet prosto potryasayuschichi effect po ukhodu za kojey! The components are enriched with fatty acids and a large number of vitamins, which allow you to intensively nap in a short period of time, normalize your lipid balance, and make your muscles and eyes look brighter. Pomimo etogo extract i maslo cocoa tormozyat processy aging cells, zashchishchayut koju ot vozdeystviya UF-izlucheniya i drugikh gubitelnyx faktorov vneshney sredy, okazyvayut myagkoe osvetlyayushchee deistviya, a blagodarya vitaminu RR sposobstvuyut ukrepleniyu stenok kapillyarnyx sudov. Among the active components of cocoa, niacinamide (Vitamin V3) is present in the composition, which helps to restore the lipid barrier, increases the production of collagen and the synthesis of ceramides, moisturizes, softens, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the tissue, prevents photoaging.

Effect ot primeneniya patchey Petitfee Cacao Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patch:

razglazhivanie mikrorelefa i ustranenie melkix morshchin;

glubokoe uvlajnenie i pitanie koji;

snizhenie razdrazhitelnosti chuvstvitelnoy koji;

ustranenie tyomnyx krugov i umenshenie pripuxlostey;

uplotnenie tonkoy koji;

increplenie zashchitnogo barera;

myagkaya i barkhatistaya koja;

zashchita koji ot vneshnikh faktorov okrujayushchey sredy.

Patchi mojno ospolzovat ne tolko v zone vokrug glaz, no i na nasogubnuyu skladku i v oblasti mejbrovya.

Other active components:

Grapefruit extract - has a moisturizing, soothing and toning effect, relieves general tone and brightens the dark circles under the eyes, strengthens the protective barrier.

Bamboo extract is a rich source of silicon, which restores elasticity and elasticity of the tissue, tones the skin, smooths the microrelief, prevents moisture in the cells, eliminates small wrinkles, calluses, fights dryness and inflammation, strengthens blood vessels. .

Extract of the pine tree extract - restores the water-healing balance, allows the removal of lysine fluid, significantly reduces swelling, improves vision of the elderly and mimicheskih morshchin, strengthens the vessels.

Extract of Baikal's bellflower - has a regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect, increases microcirculation of the blood, helps to "rejuvenate" the color of the eyes, allows deep penetration into the skin and other active components.

Green tea extract - has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, soothes, reduces irritation, slows cell aging, activates cell renewal, reduces swelling, increases lymph flow, reduces dark circles under the eyes.

Japanese wormwood extract is an irreplaceable component of the skin, as well as a plant rich in many useful components that are essential for skin: organic acids, carotene, micro- and macroelements, artemisinin. Blagodarya polyny sredstvo is able to normalize the condition of the delicate eye in a short time: increases elasticity and elasticity, normalizes the hydrolipidic balance, strengthens the thin layer, restores the protective barrier, refreshes and heals.

Yudzu extract is a citrus fruit, a hybrid of mandarin and lemon, contains several times more vitamin C, the latter of which possesses antioxidant properties, fights dark circles effectively, prevents the appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles, and stimulates collagen synthesis. i elastin, chto pomogaet podderjivat verduvuyu uprugost i elasticityhnost koji.

Powder of Irish moss - red hydrogen, rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium and iodine, group V vitamins, effectively moisturizes the body with useful components, reduces transepidermal moisture loss, has an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effect.

Extract of Brazilian walnut - intensively saturates cells with useful components, instantly transforms dull and established skin, giving it a fresh, healthy look, restores natural elasticity, softens and tightens texture, removes exfoliation and inflammation.

Fruit extract of dates - contains rich ingredients: vitamins A, E, group V, as well as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, non-essential amino acids, thanks to this ingredient, which is able to slow down the aging process, chrome extract finika pridaet koje velvet, zashchishchaet ot vneshnego vozdeistviya okrujayushchey sredy, podderjivaet obshchii tonus.

Maslo Shi - has antioxidant and regenerating action, prevents aging, stimulates collagen synthesis, and also reduces the amount of wrinkles, deeply moisturizes the skin.

Adenosine - stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, reduces the expression of wrinkles, vyravnivaet kojnyy relief, has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects.

Extract of cedar nut - eliminates sukhost and chuvstvo styanutosti, deeply pitaet and smyagchace koj, obladaet razezhennym anti-aging effect, vosstanavlivaet vyadayushchuyu koj, predovvraschaet prevremennoe senetok tok, vyravnivaet tsvet koj.

Podkhodit dlya vsex typov koji. It is recommended for thin dry skin, prone to wrinkles, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, as well as for skin with age-related changes and lifting-prophylaxis.

Sposob primenenia: na ochchichennuyu tonizirovannuyu koju nalojit patch. Patchi uzvlekat izvlekat iz banochki pri pomoshchi patlatki, kotoraya predusmotrena v completa. Leave the patch on for 15-30 minutes, then remove it and leave the essence in place.

Dlya nailuchshego effecta sleduet primenyat kursom 60 dney. Posle vskrytiya khranit v holodilnike.
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