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174 240 сум

Liquid washing powder LION Beat whitening for white and colored laundry, 3 l

Brand: lion
Product Code: 12841-37
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174 240 сум
Type: liquid powder
Effect: whitens, effectively removes stains, removes yellowness
Type of packaging: plastic bottle
Volume: 3 l
Brand: LION
Manufacturer: South Korea
The product is certified. Oxygen bleach is intended for bleaching white and colored linen, which is suitable for washing (cotton, linen, woolen, silk, synthetic fabrics), safe for delicate fabrics.
Contains a strong whitening ingredient. Perfectly whitens, effectively removes stains, removes yellowness and blackness from clothes, improves the colors of colored linen, making them brighter.
Disinfects children's clothing, effectively removes odors. Has an antibacterial effect. Liquid with low acidity.
A special additive against yellowness is intended for washing and sterilizing cotton, wool, linen and synthetic products.
- effectively removes even the most difficult dirt from clothes and removes yellowness from clothes that appears over time;
- special enzymes that are part of the bleach, allow you to use it for colored products;
- has an antibacterial effect, effectively disinfects linen and eliminates unpleasant odors.
Ingredients: hydrogen peroxide (oxygen), surfactant (polyethylene alkyl ether), metal blocker, pH acidity stabilizer.
Bottle with dosing cap.

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