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Brand: lador
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Hair type: for damaged hair, for dry hair
Effect: volumizing, firming, restoring, shine, detangling, nourishing, moisturizing.
Component: Collagen
Volume: 12 ml
Production country: South Korea
Brand: La'dor Filler for restoring the hair structure Lador Perfect Hair Filler containing ceramides, LPP-keratin , PPT-collagen, silk amino acids. Filler in one procedure will instantly transform your hair, make it incredibly strong, healthy, silky and shiny! The filler normalizes the PH balance of the scalp, treats hair weakened by chemistry or dyeing, and improves the general condition of the hair. Hair becomes elastic, moisturized (the effect of dry ends disappears), smooth. The filler penetrates into the hair, smoothes scales, defects and damage to the structure, making each individual hair smoother.

Revitalizing hair filler gives tangible results after the first application. Fillers can be used as a course of procedures (2 times a week is optimal) or as needed when you need to look especially good.

The use of fillers is relevant in solving the following problems:
damaged and/or porous hair;

hair after perming or dyeing;

dry naughty hair;

Depending on the length of the hair and the general condition of the hair, 1-2 fillers should be used per procedure.
Pay attention! In the cold, the protein that is part of the filler coagulates and begins to float in flakes in the "serum". This is a natural chemical process and does not indicate the corruption of the product. It is enough to keep the filler warm and the liquid will again become homogeneous and transparent.

How to use:
Use a non-metal bowl for the procedure.

Pour the contents of the ampoule into a bowl.

Pour room temperature water into an empty ampoule and pour this water into the bowl to filler. Mix thoroughly. Leave for 1-2 minutes. During this time, the product will thicken to the usual consistency of a hair mask.

Then apply the product to clean, dry or towel-dried hair. Pay special attention to the tips and damaged areas.

To enhance the effect, put on a thermal cap or wrap your hair in a bag / towel. If you use a thermal cap, leave the product for 10-15 minutes, if you use a towel, then the procedure will last a little longer than 20-25 minutes.

After the procedure, wash your hair WITHOUT using shampoo.
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