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320 000 сум

The Skin House Wrinkle Away Fermented Essence

Brand: skin-house
Product Code: 7500-28
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320 000 сум
Paul: Jensky
Type koji: normalnaya, sukhaya
Primenyaetsya pri: rasshirennye pory, jirnost, obezvojnennost, pokrasneniya
Effect: moisturizes the skin with nourishing ingredients and moisture, removes wrinkles, brightens pigmentation, improves the texture of the skin.
Age: from 30 to 50 let
Volume: 150 ml
The product is certified. This unique essence nourishes, strengthens, softens and heals the skin. Ee unique osobennostyu yavlyaetsya ability to increase the action of the following product. Also, the essence clears the skin, brightens the room, boosts, increases general health. All positive effects are ensured by high-class ingredients.

Sok beloy berezy activates cell recovery, reduces irritation, redness, and recovery processes. On horosho uvlajnyaet dermu and polnyaet ee vitaminami and mineralami, uluchshaet ee estheticheskoe stotoyanie.

Filtrate galactomycis - extract milk yeast. It activates collagen production, accelerates regeneration. Also, dannyy extract velikolepno uvlajnyaet, pitaet koju. Galactomisis increases the protective capacity of the dermis, makes it elastic, springy and shiny.

Shelkovitsa normalizes metabolic processes, protects, brightens, removes pigment spots.

Purslane vegetable and dannoy essentii ostanavlivaet raspad collagena, ne davaya zamedlitsya regeneration i poyavitsya novym morshchinam. Eto rastenie yavlyaetsya horoshim antisepticom. Ono snimaet razdrazheniya, vospalenia, ubiraet pryshchi i ugri, styagivaet pory. Purslane perfectly calms and soothes the skin, tones and supports it.

Ginseng is rich in antioxidants, activates the production of collagen, pitaet and uvlajnyat dermu. Also, it preserves fluid and cells, stimulates ix renewal, normalizes exchange processes, blood circulation.

The Japanese vial has an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory effect. Mother normalizes the work of salnyx, uvlajnyaet and pitaet epidermis, smyagchaet, povyshaet ego elasticityhnost, uluchshaet tsvet. Also, the vial activates the production of hyaluronic acid.

Niacinamide and its essence increase blood circulation, process metabolism, and stimulate the production of collagen. On ostanavlivaet krezmernuyu poteryu vlagi. Also, dannyy component yavlyaetsya prekrasnym antioxidantom. On ubiraet pigmentnye pyatna, sledy acne, uluchshaet ton litsa. Niacinamide increases dermy elasticity, activates regeneration.

Adenosine helps fight age-related changes, reduces aggressive behavior, activates recovery in tissues. Ten delaet koju elastichnoy, prugoy, smoothkoy.

Allantoin ubiraet orogovevshiy sloy, predotvrashchaya zakuporku por i payavlenie comedones. Also, it activates the regeneration of the skin, moisturizes, and brightens the skin.

Arginine is a valuable amino acid that provides nutrition to the muscles, preventing them from weakening and weakening. Eto stops the appearance of morshchin, preserves the oval face. Also, arginine activates regeneration, destroys toxins and products. On zashchishchaet dermu ot vneshnikh vozdeistviy, ubiraet chrezmernuyu pigmentatsiyu i uluchshaet tsvet litsa.

In my opinion, this unique essence includes the most effective components that soften, refresh, and heal the skin.

Application: apply a small amount of kapel means to the open and toned face of the face, distribute it with a soft air conditioner.
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