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The Skin House Wrinkle System Essence

Brand: skin-house
Product Code: 7488-28
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240 000 сум

Gender: female
Skin type: normal, dry
Used for: wrinkles, dehydration
Effect: Slows down the aging process, renews the skin, soothing and protecting it from the negative effects of dust, dirt, etc. controls the water balance of the skin, prevents dryness, irritation and tightness of the skin. prevents sagging of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, makes the skin supple and soft, toning the skin.
Age: 30 to 50 years old
Volume: 50 ml
The product is certified Essence stops the processes of cellular aging, has a smoothing effect against wrinkles and prevents their appearance. With regular use, the face shines with health and beauty, youth returns. The essence formula allows you to enhance the effect of the cream.

Main ingredients: collagen, ginseng extract, thyme and aloe extracts.


  • collagen, which is well absorbed by the skin. It is a protein that maintains elasticity and promotes hydration. Increases firmness and elasticity, with an immediate lifting effect;

  • adenosine slows down aging, restores tone and smoothes wrinkles, as it stimulates collagen production;

  • trehalose - a plant component, strengthens intercellular membranes, protects cells from dehydration, maintains bioactivity, provides protection from the harmful effects of the environment;

  • macadamia fruit oil improves elasticity and moisturizes, rejuvenates and restores;

  • thyme softens and tones;

  • aloe nourishes and accelerates regeneration;

  • ginseng contains antioxidants and activates cell growth;

  • Japanese honeysuckle makes the walls of blood vessels stronger and becomes a prevention of rosacea.


It helps to intensively moisturize, nourishes with useful substances, leads to smoothing and fills with youth and radiance.

Suitable for: all skin types, especially for skin with signs of aging and wrinkles.

How to use: on pre-cleansed skin, using a convenient dispenser, apply the required amount of the product, let the essence soak into the skin. You can continue with your usual care. The used serum formula will allow you to enhance the effect of the cream applied after it.


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