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1 500 000 сум

Electric rice cooker-steamer Morning wide for 10 persons

Brand: morning-wide
Product Code: 7409-26
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1 500 000 сум
Easy one-touch cooking
simple design
Teflon coated bowl
Volume 1.5 l
Size 26×24 cm

Also in the set: a plastic paddle for rice, a measuring cup, a stand for steaming. An electric rice cooker-steamer from Morning wide for 10 people. Helps you effortlessly cook rice, diet meals, steamed vegetables and more. Thanks to the Teflon coating, the temperature is evenly distributed, which will allow you to cook rice like in the best restaurants in the world. There is also a special partition that is used to steam vegetables, meat or whole dishes. The electric rice cooker has two modes of operation, cooking and keeping warm.

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