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2 100 000 сум

Bilateral double set Premium Dark

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2 100 000 сум
Double-sided duvet: 200×230 cm
Pillow cases: 50×70 cm
Filling: microfiber
Fabric: Tencel — a unique material for making bed linen In the heat, such underwear will feel a pleasant dry coolness, and in the cold it can warm you no worse than natural wool.

-environmental friendliness. Cellulose fiber, which is the basis of Tencel, is environmentally friendly, pesticide-free, fully biodegradable;
-hygroscopicity. Tencel has enhanced hygroscopicity, it not only absorbs moisture remarkably, but also quickly removes it to the outside;
-strength. Tencel is the most durable wood fiber fabric, durable both dry and wet. When wet, it is three times more tear resistant than viscose;
-antibacterial. Eucalyptus, from which the fibers are obtained, is valued for its antibacterial properties. Substances contained in eucalyptus prevent the growth of microorganisms and have pronounced antimicrobial properties. Mold or dust mites will never start in the canvas;
-air permeability. The material "breathes" perfectly, i.e. passes air. tactile comfort. Incredibly pleasant to the touch material, silky, thin and smooth. Soft and elastic, with a slightly velvety surface, the fabric does not irritate the skin and is very comfortable;
low wrinkle.
- thermoregulation.

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