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20 000 сум

Bath soap Lu'sob CHARCOAL

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Brand: lusob
Product Code: 9105-34
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20 000 сум
Type: hard soap
Effect: cleanses pores, relieves irritation
Quantity: 1 piece
Fragrance: fragrance free
Soap with charcoal (cleans pores, relieves irritation)
Brand: Lu'sob
The product is certified Bath-dermatological soap with charcoal and AHA acids. The soap gently cleanses the skin of impurities and helps to remove old dead skin cells.
Charcoal powder has high cleansing properties, adsorbs sebum and impurities, deeply cleans pores from sebum and dead skin particles, eliminates black spots. The complex of AHA acids (glycolic, citrus, malic) included in the soap accelerates the exfoliation of the superficial keratin layer and stimulates the formation of collagen and renewal of skin cells. The horny layer of the skin under the influence of AHA acids becomes softer, firmer and smoother, wrinkles and pigmentation decrease.

The composition of the soap includes oils of lavender, orange, chamomile and Japanese camellia, moisturizing, softening and rejuvenating the skin of the face. The soap does not irritate even sensitive skin and is suitable for cleansing oily, tight and rough skin, as well as skin prone to acne.
Soap can also be used on the body.
Effect: Moisturizing, Oil-reducing, Anti-inflammatory, does not irritate the skin.

Tags: bath soap, Lu'sob, charcoal

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