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120 000 сум

Balm mask WONDER TEAR La'dor

Brand: lador
Product Code: 7542-28
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120 000 сум
Ukhod: for hair.
Type volos: Lomkost, Vypadenie volos, Sekushchiesya mine, Sukhost
Effect: Pitaet, Uvlajnyaet, Ukreplyaet, Vosstanavlivaet, Ustranyaet sekushchiesya konchiki, Ustranyaet sukhost
Volume: 250 ml
Brand: Ladar
The product is certified Balsam-mask for hair Wonder Tear ot L'ador professional salon ukhod for hair without drying and domestic conditions! Vozdeystvuet na volosy srazu po 3 napravleniyam: uvlajnyaet ix, ekreplyaet, delaet bolee obyomnymi. Krome togo, sredstvo zashchishchaet volosy ot agressivnogo vozdeystviya okrujayushchey sredy, pvorejdeniya okrashivayushchimi sredstami, priborami dlya ukladki.Proteiny shelka stimulateruyut activity volosyanyx lukovits, blagodarya chemu uluchshaetsya pitanie volos, oni ukreplyayutsya, uskoryaetsya rost. The protein shell inside restores the damaged structure of the hair, and on the surface - creates a protective film, which gives the hair shine and silkiness, additional volume, cuts electricity. Also, the balm contains 20 types of amino acids, which have an intensive nourishing and moisturizing effect, strengthen, restore damaged hair structure, pomogayut spravitsya s lomkostyu i vypadeniem.

How to use: Apply balm to clean, damp hair, distribute evenly and rinse with warm water for 50 seconds. Dlya intensivnogo vozdeystviya and damaged hair balm can be left for 5-10 minutes. Use 1-2 times a week.

Tags: #BalmMask, #WonderTear, #La'dor

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