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125 000 сум

HAIR BALM MASIL 9 Protein Perfume Silk Balm 180ml

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Brand: masil
Product Code: 8061-29
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125 000 сум
Type koji: for damaged hair, for dry hair
Effect: makes the hair silky and smooth, gives a healthy shine
Volume: 180 ml
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Brand: Masil

Proteinovy nesmyvaemyy balsam  Masil 9 Protein Perfume Silk Balm is a professional remedy for hair restoration. Gluboko uvlajnyaet i pitaet, povyshaet elasticityhnost volosa, razglajivaet cheshuyki i predotvrashchaet sechenie konchikov. Zashchishchaet volosy ot termicheskogo vozdeistviya phenom, iron and etc. Makes the hair silky smooth and gives it a healthy shine. It restores the structure of the hair, fills the gaps and allows the hair to fall.

Basic active components:

Hydrolyzed collagen makes hair more soft and elastic, increases its structure, prevents breakage and shedding, and restores natural color.

Proteiny wheat — obladaet silnym pitatelnym and uvlajnyayushchim deystviem, smooths and razglajivaet locony. Ukreplyaet volosy ot corney do samykh konchikov, pridaet im silu i blesk.

Protein seeds — have a moisturizing and strengthening effect, add shine to hair, increase elasticity and density, and prevent premature aging.

Hydrolyzed keratin - effectively restores hair, increases the appearance, smoothness and shine. Creates a protective film that holds moisture and gives hair elasticity.

Suitable for all types of hair

How to use : Apply to clean wet or dry hair, use a sleeping phenom.

Tags: hair balm, masil, 9 protein, perfume, silk balm, 180ml

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Алина Иванова
Алина Иванова
My mark:
Этот бальзам для волос просто волшебство! Волосы стали гладкими, блестящими и пахнут невероятно! Я влюблена в этот продукт!

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