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Hera Signia anti-aging set of products for strengthening turgor and fighting wrinkles

Brand: hera
Product Code: 7076-21
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360 000 сум
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The set contains:

  • Hera Signia Water 20ml - rejuvenating water (toner)

  • Hera Signia Emulsion 20m l - anti-aging emulsion

  • Hera Signia Luminesource Radiance Firming Serum 10ml

  • Hera Signia Cream 10ml - face cream

  • Hera Signia Serum 10ml - face serum

  • Hera Signia Eye Treatment 5ml

The products contain 3 million stem cells from narcissus bulbs and flowers, spectral coefficient, STEM-CORD ™, etc. The products of the SIGNIA series have an anti-aging effect, help reduce wrinkles, strengthen skin turgor, and maintain the elasticity of collagen fibers. They retain moisture in the skin for a long time, intensively moisturize the epidermis.

The new STEM-CORD™ technology allows you to save the life of stem cells, unlike ordinary stem cells! Thanks to it, the result of skin rejuvenation becomes more effective on aging skin.

Hera Signia Water 20 ml - rejuvenating water
The toner refreshes and purifies the skin. As part of gold particles, have a rejuvenating effect. Water moisturizes, softens and heals the skin.

How to use: After cleansing, apply the required amount of toner to the face.

Hera Signia Emulsion 20 ml - anti-aging emulsion
The emulsion is quickly absorbed, makes the skin radiant, gently smoothes wrinkles, enlarged pores become less noticeable.

How to use: Apply the required amount of emulsion after the toner with patting movements.

Hera Signia Serum 5ml - face serum
Serum perfectly strengthens skin turgor and fights wrinkles.

How to use: Apply serum to clean skin, after emulsion.

Hera Signia Cream 5ml - face cream
The cream strengthens skin turgor and fights wrinkles, keeps the skin silky for a long time, and prevents irritating factors from affecting the skin.

How to use: Use at the last stage of skin care. Apply the cream to the skin with soft, massaging movements.

Hera Signia Eye Treatment 3ml - eye cream
The therapeutic eye cream is easily absorbed by the skin, providing correction of edema, eliminating dark circles under the eyes due to its excellent draining properties.

How to use: Use at the last stage of skin care. Apply the cream to the skin around the eyes with soft, massaging movements.
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