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143 000 сум

Type: Antiperspirant
Purpose: has bactericidal, antibacterial, anti-dermatitis properties. Eliminates bad smells.
Brand: No sweet No stress
Capacity: 30ml
Country of Origin: Korea Deodorant No Sweat No Stress Deodorant's action against excessive sweating is to target constricted sweat glands, effectively eliminating sweat and unpleasant odors as there is sweat reduction. The advantage of a deodorant is the duration of action, and the product can be applied to the underarms, feet, and palms.

The positive properties of antiperspirants include:

He fights increased sweating from the inside and eliminates the main cause of this pathological process.
It can remove not only the released moisture, but also unpleasant odors.
It's a universal tool. It can be used to treat underarms, palms and feet.
Perspiration remedies are exposed for a long period of time, so there is no need to apply deodorant every day.
Antiperspirants are very economical. One bottle is enough for 5-8 months.
After using an antiperspirant, a person feels more comfortable and feels much more confident in himself.
There are several important rules to follow.

Underarm deodorant should not be used for 48 hours after shaving or waxing. It is important to wait for damaged skin to return to normal. Redness and irritation will disappear.
It is not recommended to shave your underarms during the day after applying an antiperspirant.
Before application, the skin must be thoroughly washed and dried well.
It is recommended to apply the underarm treatment in the evening, approximately one hour before bedtime. It is applied with a soaking motion.
After that, you have to wait a bit until everything dries well.
In the morning, the armpit area should be thoroughly rinsed with water and wiped dry.
If desired, treat everything with deodorant after washing.
With increased sweat separation, it is recommended to repeat this procedure two evenings in a row. This way you can achieve maximum effect.
As a prophylaxis, underarm antiperspirants should be used twice a week, but most importantly - no more. The fact is that the skin in this area has a delicate structure and frequent application of deodorant can dry out the skin.
How to apply:
The product is applied to a clean, dry surface 1 hour before bedtime, and water procedures cannot be used until the morning after application. You should have the procedure before you feel better hydration in the area of interest. After that, we recommend using the roller once or twice a week.

It should be remembered that two days before applying the product, you cannot shave the hairs on the skin or perform other hygienic procedures that damage the integrity of the skin.

Do not apply deodorant on cuts, open wounds or inflamed skin.

Pink (for sensitive skin) - Contains 12% active ingredient.

Tags: antiperspirant, no sweet, no stress, pink, 30ml

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